Tarrytown: 914-333-0420
Rye: 914-967-0800

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What if I want to sing in addition to learning an instrument – do you have voice teachers ?
All of our instructors are professional musicians that teach several instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice).

How are students paired up?

Rock Island Sound will do its best to pair up students by skill and age level, however it is not guaranteed that every student can be paired with another.

We are offering the following discounts:
-5% off for each sibling registered*
-5% off for all other referrals*

*Siblings and referrals must register for

-Full ten-week session.

-A pro-rated fee is available for studentsĀ starting in between sessions.

Our Policies:
Please read about our policiesĀ click here

Do you have a summer camp?
We run a regular summer semester (private lessons and coached band practice, culminating in a show).
For additional informationĀ click here

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